Goodbye START-UP, Good morning SMART-UP !!!

Here @ ONE-MENU we have decided to trade our company title “Start up”for “Smart up”🤔🌟☝🏼.

It is easy to start something, anything…. to keep going & persevere it is another story.

Not giving up when the road is bumpy, not being swayed by everyone who gives an opinion ( I mean everyone 👫👫👫 ) applying to potential investors who most of the time turn you down, changing team, bootstrapping and so on ….😱

Having a dream, realising it, wearing a thousand of hats 🎩 & being strongly determined to make it happen require courage, vision, passion & all values associated with it : it is being smart – it is to find the balance on being seen as nuts 🥜 and being clear, serious & well organised…. it is to find your place without being influenced by negative experiences, taking them to another level and accepting them as a learning process. Never being defeated 😕 no matter what – finding a team that share your vision, guiding them with utmost respect ✊🏼, supporting them when facing a challenge as they support you when you have yours also. Trust yourself when you want to let go by developing the courage to persist despite difficulties & delays of achieving your success. Being grateful. Yes « being sincerely grateful » to all experiences & people knocking at your door 🚪 extracting consciously the learning positive sides. “Being highly grateful” to your team every day for making it happen 💖…

Oulala la liste est longue….

Resilience resilience….nous voilà!

Smart-up is definitely ONE-MENU new friendly swapping title. 🍀🌈

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