When “Jerk Chicken” Became “Chicken Rude and Unreasonable”

This morning ONE-MENU team received a loooong awaited book that made us forget about our work for a while, called “Lost in translation” by Charlie Croker (Brilliant & cracking! We truly recommend it…). Its jokes made our team laugh out loud.

Please, Judge by yourself:

-“Cairo: Prawn cock and tail”, excusez moi?

-“In a hotel cloakroom. Berlin, Germany: Please hang yourself here”

-“India: Our establishment serves tea in a bag like mother”

-“Tokyo, Japan: Please not bring outside food excluding children under five”


What can be so difficult with translating “chicken with rice”????

Translation apps are popping up like mushrooms & are often inaccurate.

Silly translations are really funny & deeply imaginative but a properly translated Menu made by culinary experts will give excellent  benefits to any foreigner client.



“Menus” are the mission-impossible for restaurants’ owners to translate by themselves & could be highly expensive via agencies or private translators. Well… It would be also a bit crowded with 82 translators in your office. OM App offers 82 languages in the palm of your hand:

Your menu-1 click – all languages!

“Menu” is one of the first elements we all look at in the restaurant. By offering a 100% accurate Menu translation, Restaurants secure a better customer experience, an exceptional image & a stronger position.

No waiter confusion, No meal confusion!

 “Chefs” are amazing Artists & can’t rely on a “good-enough translated Menu”. They need to have the certitude that their Menu is translated perfectly, accurately but also creatively (especially for elaborated, fine dining Menus).

    ONE-MENU helps you with that!

Dlatego mamy nadzieję, że dzięki nam wkrótce każdy dostanie to, co zamówił. Comprende???

Hopefully next time you’ll not order prawn cock and tail.

Bizuu, Bizuu, ONE-MENU Team

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