Berlin Ich Liebe Dich

Haya Foodies! 🥕🥑🍔 Hunger haben?

Recently I’ve read a fascinating article about Berlin and it inspired me to my next trip 🇩🇪

I’ll take you to incredible restaurants, hipster areas, insane nightlife, and street food! Ready?

Let’s go‼️

Quick consultation with my lovely friend from Berlin

Berlin has been a capital of underground for a long time. No wonder!

It’s Mecca for every kind of artists. You can feel an unimaginable vibe of alternative here (& I LOVE IT ). At the same time, it’s home for 25 Michelin Stars!!! Can you believe?! It was my first visit so couldn’t wait to try new restaurants especially because when you travel from London it’s a relief for your wallet 💸  Seems like everything is extremely cheap!

My Saturday Schedule:

  • Morning coffee: Rausch Schokoladenhaus– Not only good coffee but INCREDIBLY YUMMY pralines & beautiful views of the city. (Charlottenstraße 60)


  • Lunch: Restlos Glücklich– This place is located on Donaustraße &  helps to reduce food waste by buying products from organic supermarkets, farmers and shops that were not sold. I’ve paid only 20 Euros for a three-course meal!!! Can you imagine? (Donaustraße 15)


  • Evening drinks: JajaOutstanding place with an exceptional selection of natural wines (most of them coming from France or small vineyards across Europe). On the menu, you can also find small plates that ideally accompany a glass of a scrumptious red or white! (Weichselstraße 7)
Deutschland, Deutschland über alles! My photographer: Elina Pasok, Instagram: elinapas

P.S. I met this hottie, waiter in one of the restaurants 🥰 We had an insane party in Kreuzberg! Then I sinned for him… I ate kebab (vegetarian)… at 3 am… in Alexanderplatz (TRUST ME! This city never sleeps). He took me back to my Airbnb flat. Next morning I woke up not feeling good 🤢 Maybe it’s because of the rain? 🤫 But a pho soup in Monsieur Vuong was like a miracle!             
Btw, the guy never called me back… Never mind! Who knows… Maybe on my next trip, I will meet the one?


Where will I go next? Try to guess!

Bizuu, Bizuu, OM Girl


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