Is Texture More Important Than Taste?

Wakey, Wakey my gourmands! It’s breakfast time!!! 🍳

While boiling eggs for breakfast I was thinking: “Why do some people prefer soft-boiled eggs, and others- hard-boiled?” (Yeah, I know… Typical shower thought 🤗) Because what is the difference? It’s THE SAME taste, isn’t it?!

The whole thing is just about the texture, right? Think about it! Let’s take scrambled eggs- why do some people prefer them hard and others- soft?! And water- sparkling or still? That proofs that texture of food is not less important than taste, smell or look. Or maybe, I should say it’s even MORE important than that. But the answer is not as simple as you may think!🤔

Source: Image by manfredrichter on Pixabay

Did you know that there’s even a science of food texture: rheology?! 😵

Some people are more sensitive to touch, other to look, to smell or to taste. Some of us can’t stand eating hard textured food: nuts or chocolate chips. To generalize, there are three types of people: smooshers (they prefer soft & creamy food), chewers (taffy food), crunchers…

Source: Image by RestaurantAnticaRoma on Pixabay

There are some textures considered as the most hated. For example, for Westerns it would be sliminess and ‘rubbery’ textures. URGH! For all of us that would be something UNEXPECTED. Imagine you want to eat chocolate… 🍫 (Okay, you can take a break & go to a shop! Fast!) So you put it in your mouth but it doesn’t melt. JEEPER CREEPERS! WHAT’S WRONG, right? 😐

If you’d like to know more about the topic, I’d recommend you a book written by Malcolm Bourne: “Food Texture and Viscosity, Concept and Measurement”


Bizuu, Bizuu, OM Girl 😘


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